St. Paul’s Cathedral

We had been asked to take a picture of the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral in the most unusual and interesting way. The lesson behind it was COMPOSITION and to make it as unusual, and original as possible.

Thumbs up to Hannah Bills whose image is beautifully abstract! And CONGRATULATIONS to Alessandro who won the very first competition!! Check out their blogs for the images.

St. Paul's Cathedral III

The Dome.

I shot this picture on top of my friend’s shoulders, which explains why the image isn’t very clear. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the light that shines up onto the dome, and how the dome itself seemed to be disintegrating into the night. Unfortunately, when I printed it out, at the college library, it became quite pixelated and the colour had faded dramatically. Hopefully I have remedied that by increasing the resolution.

Below are some more of St. Paul’s: