The Elephant and Castle Market

Today, Saturday the 16th of January 2010, I had my first ever Photojournalism class, from 10am to 4pm! Whilst the schedule is upsetting, the class exceeded my expectations. The professor, Robert Johns, although a little menacing at first, soon started cracking jokes, made us feel comfortable, and then put us to work. Our first assignment involved taking shots of Elephant and Castle Market. We also had to write a single sentence as a caption for the image that was handed in.

The market is supposed to be undergoing a regeneration programme, the planning of which started in 2002, at the cost of £1.5 billion.  Eight years on, under adverse weather, the market is at its worst. Although reconstruction is not due until 2014, it is obvious that the economic recession has further slowed the council’s snail pace at providing support. Nevertheless, the dedicated merchants of Elephant and Castle remain steadfast to their diminishing number of customers.

Unfortunately for me, my cameras are still on their way back to me. For me, and other students that had left their cameras behind, the only alternative was a disposable camera from Boots. Buy one get one free!! (£8.99!) I had a lot of fun using it, although the quality is terrible. Rather than having a beast of a camera shoved into the faces of the stall-keepers, a disposable camera was something we could both laugh at!

And so here you are, the bases of regeneration:

Check out the Elephant and Castle website for more details and a few interesting facts!