Alive At Night

Over the Easter holidays I broke the flash on my camera and have thoroughly enjoyed not having it! Consequently, I have been experimenting more with different settings and enjoying the results. However, the success of the image heavily depends on how steady, or unsteady, your hand is!

These pictures were taken after sundown at the bustling souk, save the last two which were indoor,Β in Marrakech, Morocco.

Photoshop was not used on any of these images.


Aperture Techniques

Practising various aperture techniques for photojournalism gave me an opportunity to use the white balance as creatively as possible. Nearly each setting gave off a slightly different colour and mood.

When looking at these photographs, please bear in mind that everything is shot in manual, minimal editing is permitted and, we are not allowed to use flash. Very frustrating!!

Nevertheless, it does not prevent you from capturing the moment.