Reading Nature


3and Boulos – Through The Trees.

The Lebanese Spring

“Spring is beautiful everywhere, but it is more than beautiful in Lebanon. Spring is the spirit of an unknown God speeding through the world, which, as it reaches Lebanon, pauses, because now it is as at home with the souls of the Prophets and Kings hovering over the land, chanting with the brooks of Judea, the eternal Psalms of Solomon, renewing with the Cedars of Lebanon memories of an ancient glory.” – ¬†Khalil Gibran

People may think that I take too many pictures. I feel no reason to justify myself, but perhaps a slight need to explain it. Each picture is full of meaning and has a spiritual imposition. It takes more than a 3 second glance to understand and appreciate the details, many hidden and others obvious. Take a few more moments to appreciate the magic behind Nature, the Emotions you feel, and reward the power of Life.

These pictures were taken using a Nikon D40, with a variety of different lenses, including a zoom and fish eye lens. Photoshop has not been used on any of these photographs.

Please note that I retain the copyright to all of the images on this blog.