Street Fashion Finalist!

When Love Comes Calling, Don't Look Back.

When Love Comes Calling, Don't Look Back.

The story behind the scene:

London. Some might say that it is the ‘Capital of Europe’. Others might call it the ‘Headquarters for Binge Drinkers’. Although the consumption of alcohol is now banned on public transport, in an attempt at taking a stronger stance against public drinking; it has not improved anti-social behaviour, nor morals. On the streets of London, weekend nights are filled with the dazzling colours and sparkles of the young, and the older, heading out to their favourite clubs and pubs for “a night on the pull.” In other words, they have dressed their best in search of that one person who will bring more smiles to their, often materialistically based, worlds. This show of life is portrayed in the image above, but without the glitter.

In this cosmopolitan capital, that holds over 7 million individuals, loneliness it not a stranger to any of us. Yet whilst this story has been heard a thousand times over, nothing has changed. The treasure hunt never ends. The only thing that has is fashion, and even that, like history, repeats itself. As vulnerability increases, especially for the girls, in the encompassing fear of never finding anyone, money is spent on looking good. But as The Beatles so eloquently put it, money can’t buy you love.

Generalisations and levels of materialism aside, I do believe that in search of our counterpart, “… we are all the same.”

The male subject is the most fashionable. In that sense, he is slightly out-of-place. Nevertheless, his “pedestrian” look and dark clothing have a magnetic effect on the women surrounding him, as they come in from all angles.The fact that he has more style than the female subjects implies that he has more to spend then they do. Hence rendering an atmosphere of gold-digging, which involves Fashion. This is then interwoven with one of love’s tools: Attraction. Both almost always come hand-in hand.

What aids attraction? Fashion.

Perhaps these girls are looking for Love? Or Fun? Most likely Money?? Or maybe just someone interesting to talk to? Who knows! Nonetheless, upon their dark street, all collide and come together in one moment.

In a flurry of love, fashion, and the question of money, the colour red is used to symbolise drink and women for the male. Whilst on the other side of the scale, the bright red found on all three female subjects is evidence of a commonality between them, the search for Love.

“Love has changed little over the centuries. Each soul searches for it. In that sense, we are all the same.” – Brida, by Paulo Coelho. Today I find that it is the ways and means that you obtain love which have become warped. It is behind the scenes that you find reality in the darkness. With this snapshot, it does not matter who you are, where you go shopping, how you dress, or how much you spend that counts. It is in the moment that you find love, be it spontaneously on the street, and what YOU do that changes your world.


Review remarks by Manuela Zanotti: “Slightly out of focus, good circular movement,looks like a lot of fun.”

Review remarks by Ian Macauley: “Slightly naive because of the front-on-flash.”