3and Boulos – Through The Trees.


Shutter Speed Techniques

For our Photojournalism enrichment course, and that it most definitely has been, we were told to practise varying shutter speed techniques. The exposure and ISO settings were played around with and dependent on the available light. The zoom burst technique is officially a new favourite that needs to be developed!

Here’s my set:

I used a Nikon D40, with its standard lens.

Playing With Light


Photography is personal. The beauty behind the craft of photography is that it is as delicate as your state of mind. If in a good place, beautiful work is produced. Thought, vibes, and messages have the potential to naturally flow through from the image to the viewer.

Photoshop was not used on any of these photographs. Colours and contrast have been play around with.

From the wise words of a friend, “A photo should never be edited.”