The Tragic Day of Al Naqba

Al Naqba, held on the 15th of May, was inaugurated by Yasser Arafat in 1998.  This ‘day of catastrophe’ marks the flight of the Palestinians from their homes, and Israeli Independence Day in 1948 as a day of mourning. Millions used to demonstrate on this day, now only a few hundred take the time to stand for solidarity. Al Naqba should be remembered as one of the capital events of the last century.What follows is from one of the many flyers handed out by Stop the War Coalition and many other organisations.

A Statement of Solidarity with the Palestinian people for Al Naqba Commemorations

By Neturei Karta International.

May the Creator’s blessings be upon you, our dear brethren, the long-suffering Palestinian people. We, of Neturei Karta International, salute you from Jerusalem, New York, London and around the world. We see the ongoing oppression and humiliation of the Palestinian people that has lasted for decades, and the recent clashes caused by Israel’s criminal leaders as a monstrous evil. The Torah calls upon us to deal justly with all People. The Torah calls upon us to exhibit kindness and loyalty to all. It is the true Jewish position to sympathise with the plight of the persecuted and the downtrodden.

Throughout the world there are untold numbers of believing Jews who are horrified by the Zionist criminal and racist treatment of the Palestinians. These Jews regard Israeli Independence Day as one of the greatest tragedies in Jewish history.

We wish to convey the message of solidarity with the suffering people of Gaza, from many Jewish communities worldwide:

  • We seek the return of all the land, including Al Quds, Jerusalem, to Palestinian rule.
  • We seek the return of all Palestinian refugees to their rightful land.
  • We seek the immediate cessation of Israeli settlements expansion.
  • We seek the immediate dismantling of the apartheid wall.

We seek to live in the land of Palestine as anti-Zionist Jews. To reside as loyal and peaceful Palestinian citizens, in peace and harmony with our Muslim Brethren. Just as our ancestors did for centuries before the usurpations of this tragic century.

May the Creator grant that this memorial day of Naqba the last one; that the Occupying State end speedily and peacefully in our days so that the Jews and the Muslims may live joyfully, in peace and harmony, under Palestinian sovereignty throughout the Holy Land. May we merit to the near future, to the day when all humankind will recognise and serve the One God together in harmony.