Celebrity Project!

Description of Brief: You have been commissioned by a colour supplement/lifestyle magazine to photograph and celebrity/public figure for a double page spread and possible cover of the magazine.  The photographs can be studio or location and should convey a relaxed, informal impression of the individual.

Approach: Look at some magazines to get a feel for the type and style and style of photography used in this type of publication. Your subject can come from any walk of life in which they are well known, for example entertainment, politics, the arts, sport, industry. We suggest that you choose more than one individual initially.  You will need to research contact names and addresses.  Your first point of contact should be by letter.  We can supply you with an introductory letter on college paper.  Contact one of us in the office when you are ready. It is likely that you will be shooting on location in homes or gardens and you will not be given a great deal of time for the shoot, so be fully prepared and work as quickly as you can.Remember to offer a finished print and a set of thumbnails in return for you subject’s time.

Rabih Abou Khalil –                Traversing Cultural Barriers.

Born and raised in the cosmopolitan climate of Beirut in the sixties and seventies,Rabih Abou-Khalil learned to play the oud, the Arabian short-necked lute, at the age of four. In the Arab world, this instrument is as popular as the guitar or the piano in the West, and is the composer’s instrument par excellence. The Lebanese civil war forced hirn to leave his country in 1978 to study dassical flute in the German city of Munich, where he was tutored at the Munich Academy of Music by Walther Theurer. The analytical preoccupation with the European dassical tradition enabled him to grasp Arabic music from a further, theoretical position, opening his eyes to the possibility of operating simultaneously within musically divergent systems. Whereas Arab instrumentalists were content to imitate human voice techniques, Abou Khalil set out to explore new ways of playing his instrument. Music critics have even recommended his accomplished technique as a “study for jazz guitarists”; his ballads, on the other hand, rekindle memories of the poetic dawn of Arabian culture, without ever sounding even remotely traditionalistic

Rabih Abou Khalil has asserted himself in the avant-garde as a composer as well as an instrumentalist. This is not just because he is ahead of his time – but because he also questions what others might pursue without further reflection. With his original composing technique, his unconstrained, yet daring approach to dassical Arabic music, he has found a musical language entirely on his own.

Abou Khalil’s music thrives on creative encounters and not on exoticism. From a combination of diverse cultural elements something very personal and coherent emerges. Thus it would be fruitless ro mull over descriptions such as Orient or Occident, jazz, world music or classical.

Commissioned by the BBC Concert Orchestra to write music, Rabih Abou Khalil composed works that were performed in London and Chichester. For another project for the German city of Duisburg he chose ro collaborate with the Ensemble Modern, one of the most renowned orchestras specializing in contemporary music. “While working with Rabih Abou-Khalil, I was starkly reminded of a saying by Herbert von Karajan: ‘Do not pIay the bar along with the music, play across the measure’.” That was how Dietmar Wiesner, the flute player of the Ensemble Modem, summed up his impressions from the rehearsals: “Unbelievably fine, irregular rhythms, masterfully formed into melodic chains that remain in a floating condition, never setting to land, and thus reaching a high level of charm that relentlessly pulls the listener imo its magic.”

– Taken from Jerry G. Bauer’s written biography of Rabih Abou Khalil at


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Old Celebrity Photographs:

Roger Feghali was the winner of the 32nd Rally of Lebanon, in the summer of 2009. Feghali is regarded by many observers to become the first Lebanese Rally Driver in the World Rally Championship. His web address is http://www.rogerfeghali.com


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