It Could’ve Been Worse…

Fire can be interpreted in various ways in today’s world. Flames consume all that is in its path with a frightening roar. It is even more serious when the fire descends from heaven to earth. When the flames lick at the ceiling waiting for the shelter to crumble. In dreams, if the smoke rises to the sky, this signifies that the inhabitants of that place are professing terrible falsehoods about the encounter with Allah (God). Instinct and Intuition are examples of such an encounter. Disobeying them is thus a terrible falsehood.  If the fire is accompanied by flames, the misfortune will be due to the ruler. To enter the fire is to repent and to strive with oneself.

 Thank you Ibn Sirin.


One thought on “It Could’ve Been Worse…

  1. This has to be one of the best photo-blogs out there. So many different thoughts and emotions expressed in each picture in many of the albums.

    Two pictures immediately capture my attention:

    The first one is the dsc0031, with the beautiful painting like serenity of leaves in the background; yet a ferocious fire burns at the front – mother nature showing its majestic yin and yang traits, almost a metaphor for each one of us as we face life with many emotions.

    The second one is the little girl, with the red heart balloon – this picture is fantastic because, in my eyes, I see this as a young girl, giving her heart away for the first time, and as she does so, delicate cracks form, around her; for the serene energy that ran though her has been startled suddenly by a force so beautiful, yet anguishing – love.

    What an incredibly talented and intellectual person you are.

    Sending you love from Toronto. x X x X x

    *disclaimer: I’M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!!*

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