ScenarioImagine that you are about to hold your first exhibition and a number of newspapers and magazines would like to write about you as a photographer. Your self-portrait would be used to accompany the articles and it would also be on display in your exhibition.

BriefProduce a portrait of yourself the style and approach of which is up to you but the finished portrait should say as much as possible about you and your photography.

In all honesty, I never read the brief. I didn’t want to know what limitations there would be, because I wanted it to be natural. Being natural with photography, in all aspects, is something I am working hard on maintaining. A few of these pictures have not been edited at all, and others just cropped. I thank my sister Larissa Walters, for being a great photographer and making me “less rigid”!

I submitted the portrait I believed to be the most natural, titled F. L. W.

The rest of the portraits speak for themselves!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Having to edit my own pictures was quite a strange experience.


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